Tiffany Stephens


Lawyer, healer, shaman, inspiring the transformation of life

Law Practice

Tiffany is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire and has been registered as a Solicitor since 1998. She worked her way up through the ranks of her North London firm from receptionist to Legal Executive to Partner in a career that spanned 17 years. The last 6 years spent in practice were as a Partner, specialising in property law. Working in this highly stressful environment has made her fully aware of the effects that stress can have on your health, work and life.

Health Professional

After Tiffany left her high street practice she embarked on a career in health, working as a personal trainer and exercise health professional. She worked for several London Borough Councils and the Central YMCA in London on GP referral health schemes. She set up and worked on exercise schemes for older adults and managed a nutrition centre. She worked on health projects in conjunction with University College London. Since 2008 she has worked on various schemes for Glasgow City Council. Her health career as a specialist instructor spans 9 years and is ongoing. Her background in teaching therapeutic exercise has given her a sound knowledge of medical conditions, the psychology surrounding ‘illness and dis-ease’ and effects of conventional medicine. She has worked with all age groups from primary school children to those in their 90s. She is also a qualified yoga teacher.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organisation

Health is affected by a variety of factors: Physical Health, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Social Health, Spiritual Well-being

Holisitic Therapy

Tiffany has worked professionally in the alternative/complementary medicine field and spirituality since 2007. Although her formal training is this respect commenced in 2004, she has been working on her own personal development since 1997. During this time she has gained much experience in the fields of self development, self empowerment and life transformation. There is nothing that she practices or teaches which she has not experienced personally. Over the years she has put herself through intense periods of personal enquiry to fully know herself and explore her full potential. She is an energy healing practitioner, shamanic practitioner, massage therapist, ceremonialist, health consultant and spiritual companion.  She offers her services with compassion, empathy and wisdom.

Workshop Leader and Trainer

Tiffany creates and teaches workshops primarily based on the spiritual aspects of ourselves including the energy field, chakras, personal power and consciousness. She trains people in energy healing and shamanic practices for the benefit of themselves and others.

Work and Personal Ethic

Her work ethic is to deal with both internal and external issues, to locate the source of the problem and heal them. She adopts the ‘whole person’ approach in all of her work with a view to helping others to find balance in all aspects of themselves.

She adopts an approach of self-empowerment and her services provide a way forward for her clients which is based on her L.I.F.E policy – Look Inside For Empowerment.

She believes that for too long we have been programmed to look outside of ourselves for solutions, giving our power to others in the process. It is now time to reclaim personal power and to find a way to live in balance and harmony with ourselves, others and the world in which we live.


Tiffany’s life journey has been interesting and at times challenging. It is from her life experience that she wishes to provide inspiration and to help others to help themselves. Her personal life has given her experience in many areas including grief, stress, domestic abuse and more. She believes her personal experiences enable her to offer empathy and understanding to all who cross her path. She sees these experiences as blessings which have increased the medicine in her personal medicine bag/tool kit.

She believes a path of self/personal development is an ever evolving one which has led her to explore, learn and be initiated in the practices of many traditions and which for her are now a way of life.

Tiffany currently lives in Scotland

She trusts that we all find what we need when we need it, she believes in abundance without riches, living from the heart and speaking her Truth with Love and Integrity.


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