Newbold House, Our Venue

Newbold House is a beautifully maintained Victorian home in the north-east of Scotland, dedicated to well-being.

Newbold House

Whether you need to drop into an armchair, have a tea by the woodstove, try an organic cookery course or nibble home-made biscuits out by our grove fire, we can offer the perfect space to take a breath.

We are a transformative retreat space and workshop venue with our own range of excellent educational courses about living sustainably, personal evolution and transformation.

Run by a community dedicated to living lightly on the land – our intention is to make the best use of natural resources as possible and to provide a space for people to take a moment out of a busy life and reconnect with nature and themselves. Feel nurtured and rejuvenated by staying in our peaceful home embraced by magical woodland and set within the original Victorian organic garden. Our fantastic chef will ensure you eat creatively prepared, locally sourced organic food. All that’s left for you to do is rest and rejuvenate mind body and spirit.

Newbold House’s location allows you to enjoy the gorgeous natural setting of this part of Northern Scotland. The presence of the sea with the Gulf Stream gifts us with a relatively mild and not too wet weather, with bright sunny days.

Days are very short in winter but in Spring and Summer we experience a long period of daylight with virtually no complete darkness around the Summer solstice. This means having the possibility to freely walk, bike or drive until late in the “night” in a safe and colourful light!


The woodlands are just few steps from the door of the house, with nurturing scenery of Scottish pines aligned like columns in a Cathedral. You can follow the Forres’ Footpath Trust signed trials ( or find your own way.

By hiring a bicycle you can easily reach the countryside, the beach and the seaside forest, cycling in a scenic environment of open spaces populated with shrubs, flowers, traditional stone built Scottish houses with their attractive gardens and the majesty of big trees all around.

The quiet road from Newbold House to nearby Forres town provides such a variety of colours, flowers, trees and beautiful houses it makes the simple act of coming and going from the house a delight.

The 50 year old Findhorn Foundation Community is also set in outstanding places of interest; Cluny Hill College and Findhorn Park being a 10 minute walk and seven miles distance respectively from the house.

For car drivers other possibilities include the wild scenery of Lochindorb, Findhorn River and even further afield the Cairngorm National Park; Inverness; and Loch Ness. The west coast is also a possible days outing.



Newbold House
111 St. Leonards Road
Forres IV36  2RE
Scotland/ UK
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